The idea of this site creation is to help a newly made skipper to go to his first charter. If you have already been at your first trip all this can seem very simple. However, I can suppose, that people thought over many questions before their first sortie. Now they have become more experienced and do not remember their first try.

Those who are only going to their first trip should answer many questions: which country to choose for the first time, how to match the proper yacht, which yacht company to trust, how to plan the rout, etc. Searching the forums, I understand that these questions are quite typical and they always occurred in such a situation. My aim is to collect all these questions and answers to them in one place, I would like to  make a convenient resource for rout planning.

Anyone can participate in filling this site in and editing it. If you have any useful information, if you are experienced person and are willing to share your experience with other people – please write me.